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The hollows of Her den, like breadcrumbs...we follow. The mundaneness of Her mysteries, easily missed--Shh!

(...did you hear that?)


Some sleep and squander the days away, while others plot to rule the night. But there's an annual celebration every season of the year, and tonight the brew is seasoned just right!


Tonight we dance and play, we sing outloud and shout. We sway and snap our fingers in time, 'cause NOW is the time... We're COMING OUT! 



Message to Visitors


(...and some "bread-crumbs" for Those-Who-Follow)  

Hazy is the Sun. Chilly is the Moon. Silver is the storm that lights the nights of June. 

Darkest is the knight…haunting is the sound. Grizzly is the thunder that comes rumbling from the ground. 

The Moon comes out…the Sun goes down. The stars peek and flicker in their passing. 
Chilly is the breeze that passes through the night. 24 cycles round…and counting.  

Ever so seductive is the dressing of the Moon. Potent is the medicine from bottomless skies. The darkest bits are carefully hidden in the threads of stonewashed denim…and suspiciously convenient white lies.

So let the tinders blaze! Fear not the darkness of the skies! For, now is the time to set the stage…to seize the moment in this fire, before it dies.

Be ye Visitor or Veteran, be ye warned…step light! Hasty is the taking once gathered wings take flight. Familiar pulls of gravity torn asunder.   

But be warned, dear Visitor…the undercurrent can be strong. The unsuspecting shift-of-tide moves softly-softly. 

In this time, the loudest voices speak and gather in swift silence, yet surprisingly uninhibited in their song. 24 cycles down …and counting.  

Fiercely bright grows the Sun…tired and faint grows the Moon. Still dancing, the sleepy stars are called to rest. 

Sweet dreams are sealed and shielded in a slow-motion flash. Warm is the kiss…gone is the Moon. Did you feel it?

Ever so quietly comes the slow-burn of dawn. Solid earth below…re-defined. Eager is the Sun to greet Her majesty with fresh biscuits. 24 cycles from now…and counting.